Scientific Program

14 September 2022 (Wednesday), Day 1


Registration & Poster move in


Opening Ceremony
F. Altuntas, M. Lozano, M.A. Erkurt, S. Korkmaz, L. Pierelli

Plenary Session – Hall 1

Chairs: F. Altuntas, M. Lozano, C. Andersen, C. Fernandez


Cohn de Laval Award and Lecture
L. Guillevin


Helmut Borberg Award and Lecture
B. Stegmayr


Coffee Break & Poster Session 1

Scientific Session I
Apheresis in the covid era – Hall 1

Chairs: A. Ünal, A. Buser

Hall 1


Apheresis in Long-Haul COVID

D. Kiprov


Is there a role of TPE in severe COVID-19 infection?
M. Lozano


Nurses perspective of apheresis in SARS-CoV-2 infected patients
L. Tjoelker


Welcome Reception – (open to all registrants)


Pre-Congress board meeting for the WAA (by invitation only)
Room: Turkuaz


Dinner (by invitation only)

15 September 2022 (Thursday), Day 2

Scientific Session II
Cellular Therapy: Apheresis and beyond – 1

Educational Session I
Basics of Apheresis

Chairs: S. Korkmaz, N. Worel

Chairs: C. Anderson, S. Çağırgan

Hall 1

Hall 2


Apheresis collection of the correct cells for CAR-Ts
M. Lozano

Basics of apheresis and equipment
H. Vrielink


CAR-T cell production in the academic center (regulations / quality / profit)
J. Delgado

Basic Physiology of Therapeutic Plazma Exchange
R. Weinstein


FACT/JACIE Standards for Cellular Therapy Collection facilities (CAR T-cells)
J. Schwartz

Apheresis Mathematics
L. Tjoelker


Coffee Break

Scientific Session III
Cellular Therapy: Apheresis and beyond – 2

Educational Session II
Quality and Compliance in Apheresis

Chairs: F. Altuntas, G. Leitner

Chairs: L. Ündar, M. Yağcı

Hall 1

Hall 2


Clinical use of CAR-T cells in treating ALL
S. Korkmaz

Qualification in Apheresis (QIA): a New Credential for Apheresis Professionals
C. Anderson


Clinical use of CAR-T-cells in Multiple Myeloma
C. Fernandez – Online

Therapeutic Apheresis Standards: Legal and Social Considerations (Quality in Apheresis Center)
D. Iskender


Novel applications of CAR-T technologies
J. Delgado

Update on Indications: The 8th ASFA Guidelines
J. Schwartz


Sponsored Lunch Symposium

Scientific Session IV
Cellular Therapy: Apheresis and beyond – 3
Advances in managing benign disease

Scientific Session V
Donor Apheres’s

Chairs: C. Webb, G. Öztürk

Chairs: G. Özet, H. Vrielink

Hall 1

Hall 2


Apheresis in the standard of care for sickle cell disease and new medical approaches
R. Sarode

Are we donating bone: impact of apheresis on bone density
L. Pierelli


Gene Therapy Approaches to Sickle Cell Disease
T. Ulaş

FGF23: the link between iron- and bone metabolism
K. le Poole


Mobilization for CD34+ collection in patients with Sickle Cell Disease
M. Pamukçuoğlu – Online

Are we donating iron: impact of apheresis on ferritin levels
L. Infanti


Coffee Break (poster presenters / authors at their poster)

Scientific Session VI
Cellular Therapy: Apheresis and beyond – 4

Scientific Session VII
Hyperimmune Plasma Usage

Chairs: L. Pierelli, M. Karakükçü

Chairs: H. Vrielink, A. Buser

Hall 1

Hall 2


Use of CD34+ cells in ALD / MLD in pediatric patients
E. Ünal

COVID convalescent plasma: is there still a place for CCP?
R. Moog


Poor CD34+ Mobilizers: How to Manage?
N. Worel

Anti-D challenges in low and middle income countries
A. Babynets

16.30-17.00 Plerixafor in the allo donor situation J. Cid

Registry Session

The first and other registries and why have one?
G. Rock

History, update and future direction on the WAA registry.
B. Stegmayr

The Turkish registry
D. Özatlı


Coffee Break

Plenary Scientific Abstract Session (Oral Presentations) – HALL 1
Including Abel-Rowntree-Turner Awardees – ESFH best abstract award – THRDS best abstract award

Chairs: H. Vrielink, F. Altuntas, M.A. Erkurt, M. Lozano,


O-01: Use of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange in the Management of Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever: A Single-Center Experience.
E. E. Eren


O-02: Do Blood Groups Have An Effect On The Release Of Hematopoietic Stem Cells From The Bone Marrow Niche Into The Periphery?
E. Durmuşoğlu


O-03: Is There Any predictive Laboratory Parameter To Predict The Success Of Hemoadsorption In Sepsis?
S. Altuntas


O-04: Difference in CD34+ Collection Efficacy Between Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and Multiple Myeloma
K. le Poole


O-05: Outcomes of Autologous Peripheral Stem Cell Transplantation in Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Patients: A Single Center Experience.
M. E. Erdoğan Yön


ESFH general assembly (ESFH members only)

16 September 2022 (Friday), Day 3



Breakfast with the Experts (first come, first served)


· Apheresis in LMICs (H. Vrielink)

· ECP procedures (C. Webb)

· Apheresis in pediatric patients (B.A. Aksoy)

· TTP (G. Rock)

· JACIE/FACT (N. Worel, J. Schwartz)

· CAR-T, CAR-B and CAR-NKs (F. Altuntas)

· Venous access (M-J. Mustieles)

Scientific Session VIII
Vasculitis and Autoimmune Disease

Educational Session III
Extracorporeal Photopheresis

Chairs: W. Szpirt, S.K. Beşışık

Chairs: B. Turgut, N. Worel

Hall 1

Hall 2


Therapeutic apheresis in ANCA Associated Vasculitis: Current Status of Pexivas.
W. Szpirt

Indications for Photopheresis
E. Özdemir


Pulmonary hemorrhage, pulmonary renal syndrome and therapeutic plasma exchange

K. le Poole

Vascular Access for Apheresis: State of the Art
M-J. Mustieles


ECP in autoimmune disorders
C. Webb

Current technology in ECP
M. Arat


Coffee Break

Scientific Session IX
Thrombotic Microangiopathies

Scientific Abstract Session II

Chairs: R. Sarode, G. Rock

Chairs: R. Weinstein, J. Schwartz

Hall 1

Hall 2


TTP in the Caplacizumab era
R. Sarode

10.30-10.45 – O-06: Adverse Reactions during TPE in Liver Disease Patients

M. Bajpai


Biomarkers of response and prognosis in TTP
G. Rock

10.45-11.00 – O-07: Plasmapheresis Experience in COVID-19

M. A. Karaselek


Is there a role for TPE in managing Vaccine-Induced Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia?
A. Greinacher – Online

11.00-11.15 – O-08: Evaluation of TPE in Pediatric Patients

B. Tutun

11.15-11.30 – O-09: Treatment costs of IVIg versus TPE for GBS, MG and CIPD in inpatient and outpatient settings
N. S. Comasòlivas

11.30-11.45 – O-10: TPE for Management of Maternal Hyperthyroidism Complicated with Fetal Goiter Due to Graves Disease with High T3, Low T4 Pattern
Ü. Mutlu

11.45-12.00 – O-11: Evaluation of Indications, Complications, Outcomes and Hospital Mortality of TPE Applied Patients
T. A. Kırkızlar



Scientific Session X
Adsorption Apheresis

Education Session IV
Unique Considerations in Apheresis

Chairs: A. Buser, N. Yalman

Chairs: D. Özatlı, R. Moog

Hall 1

Hall 2


Use of adsorption techniques in ABO incompatible kidney transplant
H. Vrielink

Apheresis in pregnancy
C. Webb


Column Immunopheresis® therapy in solid tumors.
P. Wysocki

Apheresis in patients on anticoagulation
R. Sarode


Apheresis in pediatric patients
B.A. Aksoy


Coffee Break & Poster Session 2

Scientific Session XI
Turkish Red Crescent

Scientific Abstract Session III


Chairs: W. Szpirt, M. Lozano

Hall 1

Hall 2


Blood Services Management in Turkey and the role of the Turkish Red Crescent
MD. Levent Sağdur, Medical Management Director Turkish Red Crescent General Directorate of Blood Services

15.30-15.45 – O-12: Collection of CD3+ Cells in Donors and Patients with Spectra Optia®

K. le Poole


Turkish Red Crescent and Plasma Fractionation
MD. Abdulsettar Yavuz, Plazma Fractionation Unit Manager Turkish Red Crescent General Directorate of Blood Services

15.45-16.00 – O-13: A Prospective Paired Study Comparing the MNC collection Using an in-line Against an off-line ECP Apheresis System
S. Monsalvo


NAT practices in Turkish Red Crescent
MD. Mehmet Saygan, Laboratory Management Unit Manager, Central Anatolia Regional Blood Center Directorate

16.00-16.15 – O-14: LW-02 Column Immunopheresis® Therapy Clinical Experience In Refractory Solid Tumors – Removal Of Soluble TNF Receptors (Stnf-Rs) To Promote Antitumor Activity Of Endogenous TNF-Α
R. Segal

16.15-16.30 – O-15: TTP Successfully Treated with Rituximab but with no Presence of ADAMTS13 Antibody
S. O. Sanchez

16.30-16.45 – O-16: Prevention of Hypertriglyceridemia-Induced Acute Pancreatitis in Pregnant State; Lipid Apheresis as a Bridge to Delivery
M. Mastanzade


Closing Ceremony – HALL 1

(F. Altuntaş, H. Vrielink, M. Lozano, L. Pierelli)

Presentation of Awards

Introduction of New Board of Directors


Gala Dinner (Ticketed Event)

17 September 2022 (Saturday), Day 4


WAA Board of Directors Post-Conference Meeting (by invitation only)

Room: Turkuaz


ESFH Board of Directors Post-Conference Meeting (by invitation only)

Room: Elmas


Joint Meeting:
· World Apheresis Association Board of Directors
· Hematological Rare Disease Society
· European Society for Hemapheresis
· Sponsors